I’m Brandon, a Data Engineer at Loot Crate. This blog is my attempt at examining the data we generate (and largely ignore) in our daily lives. I plan to use the projects posted here as a chance to learn new things about data extraction, cleansing, visualizations, and statistics.

Posts on Everyday Data will all follow the same basic format:


What is the data source being examined? How common is it? Does it apply to anyone but me? (Hopefully, yes!) Explain the question being explored and any initial hypotheses.


How is the data obtained? This section will typically include code snippets and sample data.


Statistics and visualizations go here. Do the visualizations reveal anything unexpected? Explain the methodology behind the visualizations used.

Wrap up

Examine the original question and hypothesis. Was the hypothesis accurate? If not, why not?

Further reading

Links to source material, project code, visualization documentation, and statistics wiki pages.

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